About Me

I have been interested in Photography for as long as my memory serves. Whether it be Senior Portraits, Headshots for a local company, or flying my drone to capture the beauty of our world for wall decor, photography is my thing! 

While this page is focused on my wall decor and small gifts, portraiture is a big part of my life. I started my professional career in 2011 in Real Estate Photography. I quickly moved to family portraits and stayed in that realm for a number of years. It was a few years ago I felt the need for a challenge...I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and go back to learning and exploring. Thats where my drone came in and thats when the shift in my online presence happened. Its safe to say my business is split down the middle, and I appreciate and love the variety that offers me everyday.

As my creativity has evolved I have ventured into other areas like painting. While professionally it is a new avenue, it is an old practice. The rhythm and peace I find while painting is something that I enjoy so much! Colorful abstracts are the perfect expression for my colorful life!

I appreciate every single one of my clients and feel I learn something every time I embark on a shoot. Whether it be portraits, commercial, or product, Im constantly learning and growing and feel I am exactly where I need to be; in motion.